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A large PRINTED colour sample will NOT accurately show how the colour changes in the light. It must be PAINTED to get it right.

Still losing sleep over your paint colour?

Maybe you’re stuck because the last time you selected a paint colour from a tiny paint chip and then painted your walls, you thought, “OMG, what happened to my colour?”

It goes something like this… all of a sudden your walls look green. Or, what you thought were white countertops, suddenly look yellow. Or, that colour you thought was gray, actually looks blue now.

You are not alone. I see this all of the time.

And it used to happen to me too.

But I discovered the ultimate tool for getting colour right. And using it along with my system means you can ignore about 80% of the fan deck.

An Easier Way To Choose
The Right Colour Everytime

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Choosing the perfect paint colour is NOT about what your favorite blogger used in her home or which colour is the most popular on Pinterest at the moment.

Endless online research will not lead to the paint colour perfectly suited for YOUR home.

Except that now you are here!

And I’m here to tell you that there is no magical unicorn white or colour that is so “neutral it works with everything”.

Because all neutral colours have specific undertones. There is a hue bias that is apparent when you compare it to other similar neutral colours.

It’s the reason your grey sofa doesn’t match your grey drapes. Or why some beiges look TERRIBLE together.

Neutrals are not… neutral.

Do you know the difference between white, off white, cream, greige, or complex cream? More importantly, do you know which one of these neutral colours is the right choice for your home?

That distinction can be pretty intimidating without my System for Specifying Colour combined with my categorized and labelled large painted colour boards.

Even the most popular, versatile whites can be either too stark or creamy for your room. Sometimes, it’s not a white at all, but a pale greige or complex cream that will give you the perfect white look. Again, there is no such thing as the perfect white that works every time.

Choosing a white is not about some intrinsic value in this-or-that “popular white.”

It’s about the perfect colour to relate to YOUR interior or exterior.

My System for Specifying Colour:
The Key to Success

Do you know what the key insights of my system are? These key insights have been effective for thousands of clients and True Colour Experts?

First, the job of choosing the perfect colour is dramatically simplified because my system identifies the 9 distinct undertones in neutrals. And, the gradations of the most useful whites are categorized from cool to creamy.

Next, the effectiveness of my system lies in recognition of the fact that you CANNOT see colour accurately without COMPARING.

This game changing way of choosing colour is built right into the most powerful tool in the industry, my large painted colour boards.

Because the first step in choosing the right paint colour is to identify which subtle undertones already exist in your hard finishes and furnishings. Only then you can choose the right neutral, or the right white, to relate.

And the only way to get this step right is to COMPARE, using LARGE painted samples with labelled undertones – not tiny, random 2” chips – directly to your finishes.

If you miss this step, you’re just guessing and there is a HIGH likelihood that you won’t get it right.

The elegant thing about my large painted colour board collections is that they are curated to represent the complete range of useful neutral undertones (9 in all) in my system. So you can work through a process of elimination to confidently arrive at the right one – having considered all the options with your finishes and furnishings.

The best neutrals are represented in deep to light tones and there is a range of the most versatile whites, so you are covered.

This process is so much more efficient than looking at the hundreds of random colours in a typical fan deck, where 80% of the swatches are basically useless and no undertones are identified.

The reason you don’t need 80% of the colours in a fan deck is because 80% of the time you’re choosing whites or neutrals and they represent less than 20% of useful colours you’ll need.

The Best Neutral Colours Curated For You

Because my collection has been carefully edited to include only the most useful neutrals, these are the ONLY neutrals or whites you will ever need.

These large painted colour boards are absolutely the single MOST IMPORTANT (and yes, magical) tool in my design kit. When you AND your client or your spouse can clearly see that the colour you’ve chosen is right, that creates instant confidence.

My boards are reusable and portable so you can move them around the room and easily place them next to your sofa or countertops without the annoying peel and stick application. By the way, do you know why the peel and stick colour samples aren’t ideal? Because it never works to just stick a sample floating on the wall compared only to the OLD paint colour which isn’t even a consideration.

You need to be able to move the sample around and compare it to EVERYTHING. You will use my colour boards over and over again to choose colour in any application for years to come.

How To Use My Large Painted Colour Boards

Let’s say you want to see if the colour you have just chosen for your living room will pull the room together. Simply prop up your sample (or 2 or 3 colours) either on the mantle or behind the sofa and stand back. Easy.

In a bathroom or kitchen (where the undertones of tiles and granite are the most confusing), just go through your large samples until you find the one that works. Simple.

Shopping for finishes or decor to coordinate? Once you know which undertones you are looking for, you can bring your boards to the fabric or tile store to help you find the best options.

For designer-approved ideas on how to store your large painted colour boards, check out THIS POST.

MK Colour Boards

Stop Guessing. Start Painting.

Here’s what you get:

The best complex creams and beiges in pink, yellow, green and gold undertones.

The best greiges and grays with green, blue and purple undertones along with the best taupes.

The 12 best whites from cool blue white, true white, off white and cream.

My System for Specifying Colour is now available in two paint brands. If you don’t have ANY of my large colour samples, start with the Benjamin Moore Core Collection or the Sherwin Williams Foundation Collection because these collections include all 9 undertones in my system.

Here’s what is included:

  • 50 large paint samples (11 x 14″) in the best neutrals and whites
  • Instructions for how to use my boards, plus helpful notes about the colours
  • Free MK System Colour Wheel

If you don’t have any of my boards, you’ll want the system (below) first. In either the BM Core or SW Foundation collection

There’s also a second set of large painted colour boards, which is also available in Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams colours. These collections gives you more greiges, complex creams and a bunch of ‘nice to have’ larger, current (and yes trendy) paint colours.

The Benjamin Moore VIP Collection & SW Premier Collection

Here’s what is included:

  • 50 large paint samples (11 x 14″) in additional greige and complex creams (since they are so popular) as well as my favorite pinks, yellows, blues and greens and the best dark colours – which work well for specifying exterior colour
  • Instructions for how to use my boards, plus helpful details about the colours
  • Free MK System Colour Wheel

You Can Also Bundle & Save

** The cost of each sample works out to approximately $6.00 each. To paint your own costs $12.00 each. A paint tester sample costs $9.99 never mind the time and cost of poster boards, rollers etc. to make up your own. It took me 2 hours to paint 8 samples.

That’s what makes my large painted colour boards the smartest choice:

First and foremost, the collection is beautiful and the presentation first class. I can’t imagine a more comprehensive range of shades. The boards also look pretty and feel good. They are fun to place around the room (behind art, against the cabinets). My clients are impressed that I have such a great decorating tool in my possession!” As a decorator, the samples provide a wonderful source of inspiration for painting a neutral canvas. I have actually picked up 2 jobs because of them!

Pam H.Colour Board Customer

This is an amazing group of huge chips that are also labeled with their undertones. It is a must for anyone doing exterior colors and a bonus for interiors.

Andrea S.Colour Board Customer

Coming into a client appointment with these boards makes all the difference. I no longer have to explain why it's the right color, they can see it for themselves. Thank you Maria!

Angela S.Colour Board Customer

Maria, you are so right about large samples. I have used these to figure out the undertones of not only the paint on my walls, but rugs, artwork, and my clothes.
So versatile and handy. Love them!

Dottie M.Colour Board Customer

I am not a professional decorator, just a person who enjoys decorating. I debated on these due to the cost v. how much I would use them. Well they are worth every cent! As Maria explains, painting samples on the wall isn’t a good way to choose color....and all those paint samples add up too. I’ve painted several rooms using these boards and it worked out perfectly! I have a hard time seeing undertones and they help me a lot! Would recommend it to an amateur or professional. I don’t know how or why a professional would work without them!

Pamela F.Colour Board Customer

First and foremost, the selection of Benjamin Moore neutrals is beautiful and the presentation is first class. I can’t imagine a more comprehensive range of shades. The boards also look pretty and feel good. They are fun to place around the room (behind art, against the cabinets). My clients are impressed that I have such a great decorating tool in my possession! As a decorator, the samples provide a wonderful source of inspiration for painting a neutral canvas. I recently picked up 2 jobs because of them!

SarahColour Board Customer

I cannot believe how easy this system is for choosing colors! I recently did a color consultation for a client and had her color picked out in less than 10 minutes. I am also in the process of painting my kitchen walls and cabinets. I fretted over the colors for months until I received my color boards. I had the colors chosen within hours! Love these boards!

Kelli I.Colour Board Customer

The BM VIP Collection is one of the best investments I have made. It’s saved me countless hours of stress and frustration in finding paint colors!!! I make use of the painted boards on a regular basis helping my daughters and friends with their paint selections!!

Kelly M.Colour Board Customer

The color boards are great! I have already used them to select the colors for the Condo we are remodeling. I will also be using them to select paint colors for the new house we are building.
They are so much easier to use than a paint deck. I went through the package and selected the colors that I thought might work. I lined them up in the room, and was easily able to determine and eliminate the colors that weren't right.

Linda K.Colour Board Customer

I am a home stager and needed something to show my clients. The boards are perfect! The education is top notch and you will feel confident in color choices!

Amy P.Colour Board Customer

Having these paint boards has helped make my job so much easier and helped me be more confident. Since I've been using them for some time, I pretty much know what the correct color should be before getting the boards out. But I get my boards out so I can show the customer WHY I chose the colour and to prove that I know what I’m talking about!

Paula R.Colour Board Customer